Figures of Speech

As part of a group exhibition, The Eccentrics, I made a 3D video, terracotta and copper speaker/mic, and 3D print as well as a performance in the space on March 1. This project was conceived specifically about materials, the technology of looking at images, and transmission or conduction. I was thinking about the changing materiality of copper and clay as a means of literally transmitting sound through the transducer speaker in the installation as well as showing the production of sounds via the performers in a recording studio. The 3D printed hand is a three dimensional 3-D anaglyphic image–a pun on building a haptic 3rd dimension.

I also presented a performance, Does it matter? Hands down, yes, an experiment with materials, images, music and language. It’s an attempt to understand labor as an output of bodies and materials and how that affects the making of art-works. The musical accompaniment is produced through the matter-phone, which is generally used as a low-frequency speaker, but for this performance, has been flipped into a materially-responsive microphone.

Exhibition Catalog: Ruba Katrib & Mark Beasley, catalog essays, “The Eccentrics”, exhibition catalog, published by SculptureCenter, 2016, ISBN: 9780997281118