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An excerpt from The New York Times July 8, 2005

'Something Is Somewhere'

For a less intense and way less manipulative art viewing, however, let me recommend a visit to "Something Is Somewhere," at Monya Rowe, a show that makes an unambiguous feminist statement simply by being made up of 20 female artists. Organized by Anat Ebgi and Ms. Rowe, it's a solid, low-key show that to some degree exemplifies the personalized, miniaturist, often whimsical approach to painting and drawing that has attracted attention in the past few years.

Narrative fantasy is a common thread in this art. Larissa Bates's painting of a single-sex Arcadia is one example. Erika Somogyi's image of adolescent girls wandering through a cemetery amid hallucinogenically colored leaves is another. My eye was caught and held by other work: a photograph of Stone Age feminism titled "Bigfoot and Nioka I" by Ellen Lesperance and Jeanine Oleson -- it's major -- and Angela Dufresne's paintings of fictional architecture. Ms. Dufresne's career is taking off, for understandable reasons. Her two small pieces at Rowe are very good, and two larger ones in a five-artist show called "Fresh Paint" at Lehman-Maupin even better.