Ridykeulous 'zine

A.L. Steiner, Nicole Eisenmann New York, NY: Leo Koenig Gallery. 2006

An over the top and confrontational collection of artwork for the page, this 'zine offers a raunchy romp through contributions lambasting stereotypical tropes of feminist and lesbian art. By employing the language and layouts of alternative media such as 'zines and counter-culture manifestos in a hysterical tone, Ridykeulous seeks to demonstrate the dialectic limitations of alternative communities. Shaped by a scatalogical humor, this zine aims to offend in order to enlighten. With contributions by: Suzanne Wright, Kathe Burkhart, Suzanne Wright, Christian Lemerz, K8 Hardy, Lara Schnitger, Ashley Reid, Nicole Eisenmann, Lindsay Brant, Lisa Sanditz, Daphne FItzpatrick, Lisi Raskin, Catherine Lord, Keith Boadwee, A.L. Steiner, Ellen Lesperance & Jeanine Oleson, Eileen Miles, Carrie Moyer, Adam Rolston, Nicola Tyson, Ulrike Muller, Melissa Logan/Chicks on Speed, Daniel Bozhkov, Rachel Harrison, Amy Sillman, L.M. Childs, Claude Wampler, Miranda Lichtenstein